Wound management

Acute and chronic wounds impose a substantial burden on the global health care system driven by factors such as ageing populations, obesity and diabetes. Infections, amputations and mortality as a consequence of a wound are becoming more common and may be avoidable with accurate diagnosis and early appropriate treatment.1

Better wound care, including effective diagnosis, treatment and prevention of wound complications, will help to minimise treatment costs.2

  • 4m

    annual incidence of wounds in the EU

  • €6,650

    average cost of a leg ulcer in the EU

  • 2.2m

    patients treated for a acute or chronic wound by the NHS between 2012-13 at a cost of £4.5-£5.2bn

  • €10,000

    average cost of a foot ulcer in the EU

  • 2-4%

    of the EU health care budget is spent on leg and foot ulcers

Management of wounds is costly: 2,3

  • 85%

    of amputations are preceded by ulcers

  • Delayed healing

  • 5 year

    mortality rate following amputation

  • Reduced quality of life

The impact on patients can be life changing: 1,4

Improve healing outcomes with single-use NPWT

Traditionally treatment of chronic and acute wounds with NPWT consisted of a foam or gauze dressing customised to the wound size and then connected to a large rechargable pump unit with canister.

Technological advances in recent years have seen NPWT become more discreet, less intrusive for patients and more accessible meaning that more patients can benefit from accelerated healing in complex wounds.

The mechanism of action of NPWT has multiple benefits on an open wound:5,6

  • Reduces tissue oedema
  • Wound contraction via applied strain
  • Increases perfusion
  • Stimulates of angiogensis
  • Formation of granulation tissue

Avelle brings you the full benefits of NPWT in a small, portable, single-use pump with an all-in-one Hydrofiber® Technology dressing – reducing interference with daily life and providing unrestricted mobility for patients.

Choosing the right NPWT System can help improve outcomes in acute and chronic wounds.

How the Avelle NPWT System
supports wound management:

  • Easy Application

    All-in-one dressing available in a range of sizes to suit wounds in different antomical areas.

  • Hydrofiber® Technology

    Gels on contact with wound fluid and locks in bacteria keeping it away from surrounding skin.

  • Patient comfort

    Small, portable pump allows patients to stay active whilst receiving therapy.

  • NPWT

    Proven to deliver 80mmHg (±20 mmHg) continuous therapy to the wound bed.

  • 30 day pump lifespan

    One pump for up to 30 days of therapy* avoids the need for weekly or bi-weekly pump replacements with alternative single-use NPWT devices.

  • 7 day wear time

    Depending on the level of exudate the Avelle NPWT dressing can remain in place for up to 7 days helping you to optimise dressing changes.

  • Wound protection

    Provides a viral, bacterial and showerproof barrier.

Avelle NPWT System - Wound Management Algorithm

The Avelle NPWT System is intended for use on wounds with low to moderate exudate levels and for deeper wounds up to 2cm can be combined with AQUACEL® Extra or gauze filler dressings. The Avelle NPWT System can be used in conjunction with compression therapy if required.

The following steps should be taken to ensure patient and wound suitability for the Avelle™ NPWT System.

Case studies

Read a few of countless Avelle NPWT success stories across a variety of surgical indications and challenging wound applications.

Embrace the healing power of the Avelle NPWT System
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